Dunbar UCC Open and Affirming/Mission Statement

       We, the members of Dunbar United Church of Christ, want Jesus to be the center of our lives. Our mission is to practice the New Commandment that Jesus gave us: to love one another as he has loved us (John 13:34). We seek to follow Godís will by loving our neighbors, friends and enemies alike. We seek justice for all.
       We celebrate the image of God in every person. As an Open and Affirming Church, we welcome all persons into the full life and ministry of our church, and affirm that the grace of God, known especially through Jesus, is a gift meant for people of every race, color, age, ability, and sexual orientation. Worship, leadership, ministry, and employment are open to all.
       We are on a journey of faith and invite all people to join us. No matter the church or community where your journey began, you are welcome here.



The purpose of this Church is the joining together of followers of our Lord Jesus Christ in order to share in the worship of God and the carrying out of God's will individually and collectively in the lives of men, women and children, looking to the life, teaching, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ

This Church acknowledges Jesus Christ as its head, and finds its guidance in matters of belief and discipline in the Holy Scriptures interpreted by the Divine Spirit through reason, faith and conscience.
This Church accepts the Bible as the sufficient rule of faith and practice, and holds that living in accordance with the teachings of Jesus Christ is the embodiment of true discipleship, and the mark of a Christian. Each Church member shall have the unquestioned right to follow the Word of God according to the dictates of conscience, under the enlightenment of the Holy Spirit.